Point System

Information about our unique point system to order your print products

What makes our studio unique is a points system that offers you the most flexibility when it comes to creating your print package. Other studios offer predetermined packages, such as (2) 8x10s, (4) 5x7s and 62 wallets for a certain fee. We’ve built the cost of prints into your up-front price, with the understanding that each family has very different needs and knowing that no one likes to be surprised by hidden costs.

The point system allows you to choose what works best for your family. Our photo packages each come with a set of points, which you can apply to create a custom print order that meets your needs. For example, you’d like more wallets than large prints, you can spend your points that way while another family might prefer a bunch of 5x7s and only a few wallets. The Deluxe Studio session comes with 48 points and the Standard comes with 32. You can apply your points to whatever products you’d like. An 8×10, for example, will cost you 2 points. A 5×7 is 1 point. A set of 8 wallets is 2 points. And if you run out of points, we offer very reasonalble a la carte prints to add on to your package.

Here’s how the points and a la carte prices break down:

Print Points A la carte price
5 x 7 1 point $8.00
8 x 10 2 points $16.00
8 Die Cut wallets (minimum of 16 to start) 2 points $16.00
11 x 14 3 points $24.00
16 x 20 5 points $40.00
16 x 20 on canvas 8 points $64.00
20 x 24 8 points $64.00
20 x 24 on canvus 10 points $80.00

Many more options are available. Some examples are poster and magazine replicas and collages. Other techniques can be used to create long panoramic prints or merging 3 or 4 images onto one print. Please feel free to ask if you have any unique ideas during the creative process.

In addition, many other print sizes are available. Pricing will be determined based on the nearest size on our a la carte sheet. For example, a 7×11 print would be priced the same as an 8×10. A 12×12 print would be the price of an 11×14.

 Standard service time is 4 weeks. Rush services are available but may be subject to rush fees. Prices are subject to change without notice.