Our Senior Sessions

Information about our 2012 Senior Sessions

2013 Senior Sessions

Standard Studio: This package includes all the advantages of Gregory Shamus Photography. We do not have pre-set stations for our photo shoots. Everything we do is based on what we learn when we meet you. We use a lot of color and depth to help create images that are uniquely yours. This session lasts about 2 to 2 ½ hours in our Wyandotte studio and there are no limitations on props or outfits. Make sure you bring things with you that help add a personal touch — whether it’s an iPod, athletic gear, a musical instrument or a riding saddle. Remember, you should have fun doing your senior portraits. It’s your chance to be a model for the day. Many times we will shoot a few different outfits on the same background just to give you more choices. If you would like to start with straight hair and take some time to curl it later on, that is fine. We don’t watch the clock. The more things you bring with you the more personal your photos will be.

Included – Online viewing, (8) 5×7 proofs with proof folio, 32 points to purchase prints, yearbook photo.

Deluxe Studio: Our Deluxe Studio package comes with the same outstanding studio session included with the Standard Studio. The main difference between the Standard and Deluxe packages is in the products you’ll get after the shoot.

Included – Online viewing, 8.5×11 hardcover book, (3) 2.75 x 3.5 softcover mini books, proof DVD to view and share photos on Facebook and e-mail, 48 points to purchase prints, yearbook photo.

Add-On – Whether it’s an outside photo session or pulling a car or motorcycle into our studio for use as a background that would totally represent you, our Add-On option truly raises the bar. Maybe you’d like to take advantage of the 15+ years of professional sports photography and have us photograph one of your games. All of these options qualify as an Add-On to your studio package.

Included – Online viewing, 10 extra points will be added to your package for prints.

Indoors On-Location – This package is the ultimate in personal imagery. We take the studio to you –whether it is in your home, in the gym locker room, the music room or stage. If you really want pictures that in 20 years will spark a memory, this is the way to go. We bring a full studio kit and light the session the same as we would in the studio. We will travel anywhere within a 20-mile radius of our studio and will shoot any time of day or night if it helps with availability of the hockey rink or rowing house. Keep in mind, this is a very personal photo shoot at a location that is dear to your heart. The images will be one of a kind. It is hard to give the exact length of your shooting time, due to the unpredictability of set up needs at each location, but plan on at least two or three hours. Shooting will take place at one main location but can be split to different areas. For example, if we are shooting at your high school gym, we can do a shoot on the court and one in the locker room. What we can’t do for the basic fee is shoot in the gym, then pack up, drive to another location and do another shoot. If you do want to do two separate locations, we can work with you on price.

Included – Online viewing, 8.5×11 hardcover book, (3) 2.75 x 3.5 softcover mini books, proof DVD to view and share photos on Facebook and e-mail, 48 points to purchase prints.

We’d love to talk with you in person or by phone about pricing.