Senior Information

Information about our Senior Sessoins


The first question most clients ask is, “How much is this going to cost?”

The senior portrait industry has fed on the practice of charging a very small sitting fee to get a client in the door, and then gouging the customer with high print prices after the client falls in love with the photos. It has been this way for years and frankly, we find it disturbing. This is why our packages include the sitting fee and a nice print package with no other hidden costs.

Your points, your way

What makes our studio unique is a points system that offers you the most flexibility when it comes to creating your photo package. Other studios offer predetermined packages, such as (2) 8x10s, (4) 5x7s and 62 wallets for a certain fee. We’ve built the cost of prints into your total package price, with the understanding that each family has very different needs. You might want more wallets than large prints while another family might prefer a bunch of 5x7s and only a few wallets. Our photo packages each come with a set of points, so you can create a custom print package that meets your family’s needs. The Deluxe Studio session, for example, comes with 48 points. You can apply your points to whatever products you would like. An 8×10, for example, costs you two points. A 5×7 is one point. A set if 8 wallets is 2 points. And if you run out of points, we offer very reasonable a la carte prints to add on to your package.


Our promises to you

We are not going to make the claim that we are cheaper than the competition, but we can say this: Our pricing is simple, competitve, up front and honest. And when you walk away with your senior portraits in hand, it’ll be knowing that you were treated fairly. We will do all we can to ensure that you:

1. Are happy with the images that were taken at your session and that they represent your personality and taste.
2. Feel like you finished the project with enough prints in hand for the price you paid.
3. Enjoyed yourself and was it a good experience.

·We do not put a limit on outfits. Our sessions are based on time and we feel it’s a bit odd that you would be charged to change your clothes. And let’s face it, some outfits just don’t work so we encourage you to bring lots of things to try. Most clients bring a range from dressy to casual.

·View your photos online. You’ll be able to look at your images through a secure, password-protected Web site. Along with your full take, we’ll select a few of our favorites from your photo session as suggestions. Ultimately, you decide which images will be used to complete your order. A proof DVD allows you to upload your photos to Facebook and share via e-mail with friends and family. The DVD option is included in the Deluxe Studio package and is a $30 upcharge with the Standard Studio package.

·Free retouching. We offer all basic retouching free of charge with all ordered prints, proofs and books. Basic retouching includes shadows and creases under the eyes. Basic blemishes, toning of the skin and color correction. If you decide you’d like more complicated retouching like removing jewelry, changing a background, etc., there will be a charge.

·Free yearbook picture. Please bring your school’s yearbook requirements with you to the pre-meeting or shooting session. Your yearbook picture is provided as part of the Standard and Deluxe Studio sessions.

·Watch our progress. As we photograph your senior session every image we take comes into a iPad for immediate viewing. This does two things. First you can see exactly what your pictures are going to look like right after they are taken. Maybe you want to add some jewelry or change something you are wearing, the instant feed back helps you know if you are making the right choices as your session goes along. Second, the senior gets immediate feedback on how they look and how great their photographs look. This builds confidence quickly and confidence is the number one thing you need for great images.

·Make your appointment. When you schedule your session with us, a $50 deposit is required to hold studio or on-location time. That fee will be applied to your session, so as long as keep your appoinment. Please keep in mind that payment for your Standard or Deluxe session fees are due on the day of your photo shoot. Your balance on any additional prints is due when they are ordered.